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Welcome to Samsung Mobile SecurityWelcome to Samsung Mobile Security

As the leading provider of mobile devices,
we recognize the importance of protecting our users' security and privacy.

At Samsung Mobile, security and privacy are at the core of what we do and what we think about every day.

Galaxy s8

Our philosophy in mobile security

Our philosophy is to take a holistic approach to security to ensure that, at all levels of the device, we are protecting users' security and privacy at all times.
And our dedicated security team continuously audits Samsung devices and services so that users can have peace in mind with Samsung’s industry-leading security.
We aim to maintain your trust and to provide agile security incident response at the same time.

This site is intended to
  • Keep you informed on developing security issues,
  • Provide information on recent Samsung Android Security Updates, and
  • Serve as the main resource for Samsung Mobile security notifications.

We invite you to visit this site for the latest updates.
Please also feel free to share your ideas and feedback.

Security Updates Detailed View

  • In order to meet your expectations and continue to keep our products secure, Samsung releases security updates through various channels.
  • Regular firmware updates will include patches for Android OS related security issues released by Google, as well as, patches for Samsung-specific security issues. And security updates for mobile applications and personal computers will be released as needed.
  • We encourage our users to keep their devices and apps up to date.

Rewards Program

We appreciate your interest and intention to help improve the security of Samsung Mobile products.

We take security and privacy issues very seriously; and as an appreciation for helping Samsung Mobile improve the security of our products and minimizing risk to our end-consumers, we are offering a rewards program for eligible security vulnerability reports.

Please check below for more information on guidelines and eligibility for Samsung Mobile Security Rewards Program.

Detailed View

Security Reporting

Please check below if you would like
to report a security vulnerability
in Samsung Mobile product or software. Detailed View