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Use of Cookies

We use cookies to enhance user experience and functionality of the website.
  1. Cookies are text files that contain information. They are saved on your end devices (computer or mobile device) when you visit our websites or use our online services, and do not cause any damage. A general distinction can be made between two types of cookies, known as session and persistent cookies:
  2. Session cookies are small information units containing a randomly generated identification number, which is known as the session ID. Using session IDs enables us to make information such as login data upon the next visit as a personal setting, which also, for example, allows a login session to be continued. A session cookie also contains information on its origin and the retention period. These cookies cannot save any other data. When you log out of your customer account, the used session cookies are deleted.
  3. Persistent cookies store information which may contain personal data from your browser. This can include the following: your anonymized IP address, your device type, the domain, browser type, language, operating system, country, time zone, previously visited websites or information about your interaction with our websites such as click behavior and preferences.
  4. The data from these necessary cookies is processed on the basis of legal provisions that authorize data processing because this is necessary for the comprehensive and proper provision of the website.
  5. These cookies are essential for enabling user movement around our website and they do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing purposes and do not remember where you have been on the internet. Also, this category of cookies cannot be disabled.